Know Paravyoma Technologies

We provide innovative solutions to address your technological demands. By delivering smart, customized IT packages, we stand out in a highly competitive market—our services allow clients to scale up without a hitch.

At Paravyoma Technologies, we help enterprises identify and capitalize on opportunities for increased efficiency, and our clients rely on us to provide solutions, information, and ideas to grow their businesses. We provide support to technology-based companies in all sectors and of all sizes. Our clients include major firms and brand new startups.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing reliable support so that our clients can achieve a maximum return on their investment. We prize transparency, honesty, and trust, which is why our clients have relied on us continuously for state of the art IT consulting.

Efficiency is a top priority, and we believe our smart and effective work culture differentiates us from the competition. We consistently exceed expectations, which is why we have been able to establish and maintain long lasting relationships with companies who recognize us for the quality and value we add to their technological frameworks.

Success means continued support. We are not happy just to set a solution in place—we want to see it through to the end, and ensure that it provides lasting value to our clients. We are always improving and evolving as technology advances at its relentless pace, and our constant vigilance helps prevent the unexpected surprises that can knock a company offline.

Our consultants employ creativity and simplicity when finding unique solutions. Sometimes this means careful, in depth analysis, while other times it means identifying out of the box packages that deliver the most bang for the buck. We work with you to help discover what is right for your business, and deliver solutions—on deadline.

We value confidentiality, and strive constantly to ensure your privacy.

With continuously improving services and features, we look forward to continued growth by creating and fostering long-lasting, reliable relationships with clients who achieve tangible results based on the help we provide.

About Our Company

We have the proven expertise to help your organization source and place the right number of resources in the right place, at the right time, to provide the optimal solution for your current IT project.

Experience You Can Depend On

No matter what area of IT needs work, or how large or small the solution required, our capable consultants will help you achieve the end-product and functionality you have envisioned. For new firms just getting started, we are there on the first day, helping build scalable IT solutions that will allow you to compete with industry leaders.

We invest in our workforce, providing regular training, and allowing our talent to update their knowledge, skills, and expertise to match the current global market. Since our consultants are among the most savvy and innovative in the IT sector, our clients remain on the leading edge in their respective fields.


We also provide recruitment support. Whether you need to fill contract positions, or you are looking for direct placement for permanent employment, we can ease your human resources burden by providing top-quality, in-house IT staffing.

Whether the workforce we provide you is a term contract or permanent employee position, our commitment to the excellence of our professionals remains the same. We are here for the long-term.

Performance and Efficiency

We work with our clients continuously to provide regular updates and assessments of existing IT infrastructure, with an eye on improving performance at every available opportunity. We take pride in having a long and lasting relationship with each of our clients.

We never lose focus on the goal—to strive for efficiency and perfection in every single solution. Our employees enjoy an engaging and stimulating work environment, which is why our low-turnover rate is the envy of the industry. We are here to help you meet your goals.


Paravyoma Technologies is comprised of highly experienced operating executives and associates focused on the IT consulitng, software development and managed IT services areas. We have worked on every continent for companies ranging from large Fortune 100 companies to innovative technology start-ups to medium sized companies growing rapidly. We combine the best of thought leadership from the business strategy world with flawless delivery and execution..

Siddharth Gaur

Co-Founder / CEO

Rajni Gaur

Director / COO

Bharti Bhat

Director / CFO

Bala Narayanan

Head Corporate Sales

Ritesh Pandita

Consulting Tech. Advisor

Manoj Baghel

Technical Services Manager

Charu Asthana

Business Enabler (UK & Europe)

Vedant Gaur



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